1-20 Counting and Number Activities for Preschool

Number Activities for Preschool at Home Numbers 1-20: Week 19

A few months ago, I shared a unit on counting and number activities for preschool at home. We focused on numbers 1-10 in that unit.

This week we will be focusing on numbers 11-20 but also reviewing all numbers 1-20.

My preschooler has a pretty good grasp on numbers 1-12ish and then his counting gets a little jumbled after that. So I’m hoping that these number activities will help him practice his numbers and get more comfortable with these bigger numbers.

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Counting and Number Activities for Preschool at Home

Day 1: Dot Marker Number Activities for Preschool Worksheets

On our first day of our Number Unit, we will be introducing bigger numbers to help our preschoolers get used to them. Today, we will be using dot marker activities sheets!

Dot markers are a really fun way to encourage preschoolers to “trace” numbers and letters. They help with hand-eye coordination and color practice as well–I highly recommend them!

I got these fun dot marker worksheets from Planes and Balloons. I think they’ll be a great way to review 1-10 and introduce 11-20.

Day 2: Trace the Numbers!

Recently, my preschooler was asking me how to write 2. And without thinking, I said, “You know how to write 2.” But that’s when I realized that though he recognizes many numbers, we never really practice writing the numbers!

I made these simple tracing worksheet to practice writing our numbers! They will be included in the weekly lesson plan below!

1-20 Counting and Number Activities for Preschool

Day 3: Parking Lot Matching Numbers

We did this activity in our first number unit for preschool, but I thought it would be fun to do this again!

Parents Prep: Draw a “parking lot” on a sheet of paper and label each spot numbers 11-20. And also have 10 mini cars labeled 11 through 20. I used masking tape/painter’s tape and a white paint pen to label.

Child will then “park” each car to the corresponding “parking spot”.

Here’s what ours looked like:

1-20 Counting and Number Activities for Preschool

Day 4: Ordering Numbers Using Magnetic Tiles

Using the same painter’s tape, label magnetic tiles (we have these ones and our boys LOVE them!) from 11-20. Place them in any sensory bin. We will be using the rainbow rice sensory bin (which we made last week). Ask child to find the magnetic tiles and then order them from 11 to 20.

You can either get your child to order them on the floor, or on the fridge!

Day 5: Make Numbers Using Play Dough

Roll out play dough to create numbers 11-20!

The place mats guide for the numbers will be included in the lesson plan download below.

1-20 Counting and Number Activities for Preschool

Books About Counting and Numbers for Preschool

20 Big Trucks in the Middle of the Street by Mark Lee

On the Launch Pad by Michael Dahl

This is such a cute find-the-object numbers book! I know my boys are going to love looking for the numbers on the page. It’s also a little different than other books because it counts down from 12.

Chicka Chicka 123 by Bill Martin Jr.

Teeth, Tails, and Tentacles by Christopher Wormell

One Stuck Duck by Phyllis Root

Number Song 1-20

This song is very repetitive, but catchy!

Letter Of The Week

Weekly Bible Memory Verse for Preschoolers

For the next two weeks, we will be memorizing Acts 16:31

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Number Activities for Preschool 1-20
Number Activities for Preschool 1-20

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