Pattern Activities for Preschoolers

Pattern Activities for Preschoolers: Preschool at Home Week 23

This week for Homeschool Preschool, we will be learning about patterns! I have planned lots of engaging hands-on pattern activities for preschoolers that I think my boys will definitely enjoy!

Patterns may seem like a random topic to teach preschoolers, but it is a very important foundation for Math. If I think back to middle school and high school math, there are quite a lot of patterns involved!

I believe starting to learn about patterns from a young age will encourage my boys to see patterns in everyday life, and will definitely help in their future Math skills.

Updated Homeschool Preschool Weekly Themes

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Pattern Activities for Preschoolers

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Day 1: Catapult Pom Poms Color Pattern Activity for Preschoolers

For today’s activity, we will be incorporating a STEM activity as well as patterns for preschoolers.

We will build a simple catapult following the instructions from Mombrite. She gives three different options for making catapults. We will be making the second option using just 4 materials that we already have in our home.

Materials Needed:

After making the catapult, we will be using it to launch pom poms.

We will choose 2 colors to launch and create a simple alternating pattern (ex: blue, white, blue, white) on this pattern template which will be included in our weekly lesson plan download at the bottom of this post.

Day 2: Name Dot Sticker Color Pattern Activity for Preschoolers

We will be continuing our patterns and also practice writing our name!

My son has been writing his name for at least a year now. But he has been writing his name in all capital letters this whole time.

With this patterns activity, I hope to help him practice patterns as well as practice recognizing/writing his name is lower case letters.

For each of the letters in his name, I plan on using varying simple patterns. Ex: ABAB, AAB, AABB, ABCABC

Materials Needed:

On a large sheet of kraft paper, write your child’s name is large letters using a marker. Tape it up on the wall, and using dot stickers, create a simple pattern for each letter. And then encourage your child to continue the pattern for each letter 🙂

Day 3: Fingerprint Color Pattern Activity for Preschoolers

We will doing a sensory activity to practice our patterns today.

Materials Needed:

Parents create a simple pattern on the pattern template (from our weekly lesson plan download) using dot stickers.

Preschoolers can use paint and their fingers to continue the pattern that parents started on the pattern template.

Day 4: Magnetic Tile Shape Pattern Activity Puzzle

Days 1-3, we have been focusing on color patterns. For Day 4, we are switching it up and we will be doing a shape pattern activity using magnetic tiles!

Parents can make a simple puzzle by tracing magnetic tiles onto a sheet of paper. Choose shapes to alternate between to create a simple pattern.

Pattern Activities for Preschoolers

Stick these simple shape pattern puzzles on the fridge, and have the corresponding magnetic tile pieces next to the puzzle.

Preschoolers can match the magnetic tiles to the corresponding shapes and create a pattern.

Afterwards, I plan on asking my son to create his own shape pattern on the fridge.

Day 5: Wooden Block Shape and Placement Pattern Activity

We were gifted these wooden blocks by my in-laws. I couldn’t find the exact blocks on Amazon, but they are very similar to Jenga.

Pattern Activities for Preschoolers

Parents can start creating a pattern using the wooden blocks and encourage preschoolers to continue the same pattern.

Below are examples of shape and placement patterns.

Pattern Activities for Preschoolers
Pattern Activities for Preschoolers

Preschool Books About Patterns

Pitter Pattern

This book is full of patterns and a great way to introduce patterns to preschoolers.

Pattern Bugs

Another great introductory book on patterns. This book is a great way for preschoolers to recognize repeating sounds.

A-B-A-B-A- a Book of Pattern Play

This book shows different examples of patterns. Repeating letter patterns, as well as color patterns. It’s a great way for preschoolers to get the hang of patterns.

I See a Pattern Here

This book is a little more advanced than the other books listed above. But I love that the illustrations are photos of real objects and patterns that preschoolers can see in their everyday lives.

Pattern (Math Counts)

This one is also quite similar to “I See a Pattern Here” in that there are photos and real-life examples of patterns that preschoolers can see on an everyday basis. This one takes it one step further and also asks what the purpose of these patterns can be as well.

Letter of the Week: Letter T

Weekly Bible Memory Verse

If I’m being honest, Bible memory verses has been a bit of a struggle recently! It does really fall on me since I keep forgetting to review the Bible verses with our boys before they go to bed (which is when we always practice).

So this week, we will be continuing to memorize the Psalm 28:7 (the same Bible verse) from the last two weeks).

And I came to another realization a couple days ago. I asked my son if he could say any of the Bible verses that we memorized from earlier this school year, and he couldn’t say a single one! *facepalm

He used to be able to say up to 5 different Bibles verses (by heart)!

I feel like I’ve set this goal of memorizing a new verse every two weeks, and it’s become more tedious than meaningful. This was never my intention!

So, instead of trying to force ourselves to memorize new verses, I think it will be more beneficial to go back and review all the memory verses from this whole Homeschool Preschool school year (from September 2020).

Each week, we will practice one Bible verse that we previously memorized. And try to delve into the meaning of the verses rather than getting hung up on memorizing the words.

I hope this makes sense! These days, I’ve been doing a lot of “pivoting” and this is one of the things we’re going to “pivot” and hopefully it’ll be a positive change.

Download Patterns Lesson Plan For Homeschool Preschool

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Pattern Activities for Preschoolers
Pattern Activities for Preschoolers

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