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Hi Friend!

I’m so excited that you are here! My name is Rebecca 🙂

I’m a mom to two amazing little boys, wife to the most supportive husband, former Elementary teacher, and lover of all things beauty. Painting my nails is therapy, and creating the perfect cat-eye gives me all the feels!

I grew up as an MK (missionary kid) and moved around quite a bit. Even after I got married, my husband and I traveled a lot and lived abroad. When I became a new mom, we had just moved back to the US after having spent 5 years overseas (teaching abroad). I didn’t have close friends or family that were young moms.

I felt like I was thrust into this world of motherhood, and left to navigate it on my own. I didn’t have a clue what baby gear was good, how difficult breastfeeding can be, and how challenging postpartum life can be.

Motherhood is so complex in that while you are still yourself, but you take on a whole new role and identity as well. I feel like over the past few years of being a mom (particularly as a stay-at-home mom), I got lost in motherhood. I lost a little bit of myself while learning to be a mom.

Through this blog, I am embarking on a journey to re-discover myself, and also learn to embrace my new identity as a work-at-home mom.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with you, along with some tips and tricks that have helped me survive mom life so far.

I homeschooled my preschooler in 2020 and I shared our themed weekly homeschool preschool lesson plans. Many of the lessons include free printables available for instant download!

Though most of my posts will most often include fun toddler/preschool activities, but you may also occasionally see posts on my beauty faves. I’m a skincare junkie and can’t help but share my great finds!

Being a mom is so rewarding and amazing, but can be equally difficult, and surprisingly lonely. I hope that this blog can be a safe space to share our stories, and become stronger women and better moms.

Come along with me as I continue on in this crazy journey of mommyhood! Know that you’re not alone–we’re in this together!

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