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Homeschool Preschool 2020-2021 Weekly Themed Unit Plan Introduction: Free Printable!

I’m so excited to introduce my homeschool preschool plan for this year!

Why We Decided To Homeschool

Honestly, homeschooling was not my first choice. We had our son signed up at a preschool nearby, and we were super excited for him to start school. However, with this pandemic, we felt more comfortable keeping him at home this year.

I’m Creating My Own Lessons

I do want to start off by saying that I am a former teacher with 5 years’ teaching experience prior to becoming a stay at home mom. So I know a thing or two about lesson planning. However, this will be my first time teaching preschool, and my first time homeschooling!

I spent the past few months researching and looking up many preschool programs, and I’ve found some really great ones! And some of them are free!

However, I had trouble finding just one that I LOVED. Honestly, I found some of the programs were just too intense for what I want to be doing with my 3.5 year-old this year, and others were a bit too complicated or expensive.

There were several that I really liked, but I felt like I liked a part of one program, and a part of another curriculum.

So after weeks of hesitation, I decided to just create my own plan for my son.

My goal is to create simple and easy lesson plans that will be easy for moms and dads to follow along. Lessons that are full of hands-on activities that occupy the kiddos while being educational and help meet developmental milestones.

Educational Philosophy

Since I love themed units and doing seasonal activities with my kids, all the units for this year’s homeschool preschool is just that! Most of the activities will be hands-on and active, but there will also be some pencil and paper practice as well.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to read through my Educational Philosophy to get a better understanding of my worldview and how I’m planning my lessons.

Suitable for Ages 2-5

I believe this homeschool preschool plan is suitable for ages 2-5. I created this plan for my 3.5 year old, but my 19 month old will probably also be joining in on the sensory bins and easier crafts.

Please feel free to pick and choose what activities you want to do with your children and also tweak what you need to to suit the needs of your children.

My Plan For The Year

Below, I will be sharing the unit themes for the whole year. This is just a brief overview of what theme we will be focusing on each week. Some weeks are more seasonally themed (ex: Thanksgiving), and others are more learning/skill focused (ex: Counting Numbers).

My goal is to share detailed lesson plans every Friday or Saturday for the following week. There will be a checklist of all the materials you will need for the week.

And if there are any worksheets/printables that I make for that week, those will be available for free. If I use worksheets/printables from other sources, I will be sharing the links to those as well.

Weekly Unit Themes 2020-2021

This is a tentative plan as of now, and I might tweak the plans as the year goes on. Make sure you are subscribed to my email list so you know when there are any changes and updates!

If you would like a PDF version of the weekly homeschool preschool plan, fill out the form below and it will be sent directly to your email!

I Hope You Will Join Me!

I hope you will join me on my homeschool preschool journey! My goal is to create simple and engaging lesson plans that will be easy to follow along.

I would love to know if any of you are doing homeschool preschool for the first time as well. And if you try out any of the activities from my lessons!

Make sure to check out my Homeschool Preschool Binder post. There are free preschool binder covers available to download!

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Homeschool Preschool At Home: Year Plan 2020-2021 Weekly Unit Plan Introduction

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2 thoughts on “Homeschool Preschool 2020-2021 Weekly Themed Unit Plan Introduction: Free Printable!”

  1. I feel the same as you, I actually bought 2 different curriculums this year and I’m using parts from each one along with adding some of my own ideas. This is our first year homeschooling. My little boy turned 4 in June. I’m excited to see your ideas for the weekly themes.

    1. Hi Robin, thanks for stopping by! And yay for fellow first-time homeschoolers!
      I will be posting new lesson plans weekly–I hope you find my ideas helpful throughout this year!

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