Snow Activities For Preschoolers

Snow Activities for Preschool at Home: Week 18

This week, we have some fun and engaging snow activities for preschool at home!

It snowed a couple weeks ago, and most of the snow has actually already melted. But the weather forecast says it will snow again this Thursday, so we are excited!

I already have a homeschool preschool unit plan with lots of winter activities for preschoolers. So make sure to check that out here!

Continue reading to see the snow activities we have planned for this week!

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Snow Activities for Preschool at Home

Day 1: Snowflake Hole Punch

We did a hole punch activity with our Thanksgiving turkey and my son loved it! It not only is an engaging activity for him, it’s a great activity to develop fine motor skills.

I thought it would be fun to do a hole punch activity with snowflakes!

Download the FREE printable snowflake template, and punch holes in the designated spots! After punching holes, you can also decorate the snowflakes by coloring them in or even adding glitter. These would look cute hung on the wall or windows!

Snow Activities for Preschool at Home

Day 2: Snowman Counting Puzzles

I got this super cute printable puzzle from Frogs and Fairies. It’s a numbers matching puzzle, so your preschooler will count the number of mittens and match it with the corresponding number.

Day 3: Snow Sensory Writing Tray

We haven’t done a sensory activity in a while, so I thought we would do one this week as a way to practice our letters A-O.

I’ve seen several different sensory writing tray ideas on Pinterest. One of the ones I saw involves using salt and glitter, and it looks really pretty but honestly I think that would cause a lot more mess than I care for.

So I thought I would try dying rice and then using that for the sensory writing tray. This would be my first time dying rice, so I’ll be sure to update you on how that turns out!

We will be using these snowflake letter cards A-O (FREE instant download) with our sensory writing tray.

Snow Activities for Preschool at Home

Day 4: Examine Snowflakes Using Magnifying Glass

It’s supposed to snow on Thursday, so it will be the perfect opportunity for us to do this activity!

I saw this activity in a The Story of Snow which we read recently. The book is filled with amazing real photos of enlarged snowflakes. The photos are so beautiful to look at, but I thought it would be a fun hands-on activity to go outside and look at them up close ourselves!

For this activity you will need:

  • Magnifying glass: These are the magnifying glasses I got for the boys. I love that they come in a set of two so that each of the boys can use one.
  • Something to catch the snow with. Ideally, this will be something darker in color. Paper or plastic should be fine. We will probably be using a dark-colored plastic lid we have.

Step 1:

Place the item you will be catching snowflakes with outside for a few minutes so that the item has some time to cool down. This prevents the snowflakes from melting as soon as they land on the item.

Step 2:

Go outside and catch snowflakes on the catcher.

Step 3:

Observe each snowflake using your magnifying glass.

Day 5: Build A Snowman With Your Name

I got this cute idea and printable from Who Arted? It’s super simple! Just print out the free downloadable template from her website and then put together the snowman and then get your preschooler to write their name–one letter on each snowball.

Books About Snow

These are some of our favorite books about snow, which we plan on reading this week. If you want some more book ideas, I have a whole list of our favorite Winter Books here.

Snow by Cynthia Rylant

Winter Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter by Kenard Pak

The Story of Snow by Mark Cassino

Big Snow by Jonathan Bean

The Blizzard by John Rocco

Letter Of The Week: O

This week’s Letter of the Week is O!

As usual, we will be doing this do-a-dot worksheet and then practice tracing and writing the letter O.

Here are some songs we will be listening to and watching this week!

Weekly Bible Memory Verse

This is the second week of memorizing Psalm 119:105!

Download Snow Unit Lesson Plan

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I hope you all have a wonderful week and get to try out some of these fun snow activities for preschoolers!

I also have an amazing mom hack for playing outside in the snow with your littles. So make sure you read this post as well!

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Snow Activities for Preschool at Home

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