Days of the Week Preschool Unit Plan

Days Of The Week Unit Lesson Plan For Homeschool Preschool

This week for homeschool preschool, we will be learning about the days of the week!

Honestly, I feel like this concept can be a bit confusing for preschoolers. So the goal isn’t to memorize and know what the exact order the days of the week. For me, I just want my son to get familiar with the days through activities, books, and songs.

I have also planned a Thanksgiving activity on Day 5, to start preparing for Thanksgiving next week!

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Day 1: Days of the Week Spinner

Days of the Week Preschool Unit Plan

Today we will be making a spinner using the printable and a paper plate.

Materials Needed:

Step 1: Download and print out the Days of the Week Spinner free printable.

Step 2: Using a pencil divide the paper plate into 7 parts (for each day of the week). You can either color in each section of the paper plate, or color in the printable days of the week.

Step 3: Glue on each day of the week onto each section on the plate.

Step 4: Tape or glue on “Today is” “Yesterday was” and “Tomorrow will be” onto a larger board or construction paper.

Step 5: Using a brad fastener/split pin, pin on the paper plate to the larger board or construction paper.

You should be left with a cute Days of the Week Spinner! I plan on using this spinner every day, and getting my son to spin it to that day and practice saying, “Today is… Yesterday was… Tomorrow will be…”

Day 2: Very Hungry Caterpillar Days of the Week Craft

I found this adorable Very Hungry Caterpillar craft from A Little Pinch of Perfect. She has a free printable template you can download to make it.

We plan on reading the book first and then doing this activity 🙂 This is how ours turned out. Super cute!

Day 3: Alphabet Practice A-I

I found this really cute turkey themed alphabet practice activity that is free to download here.

Since we learned up to letter I this week, those are the letters we will be focusing on.

Day 4: Days of the Week Songs

One of my favorite ways to teach preschoolers is through songs! It makes memorizing things so much easier in my opinion!

We will probably be listening to this song throughout the week, but I also plan on watching some of these Days of the Week song videos on Youtube with my kiddos today.

Day 5: Thankful Tree

Since Thanksgiving is next week, I thought we would prep by making a “thankful tree”.

You can read all the step-by-step instructions on this post here.

Books of Days of the Week

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Saturday by Oge Mora

Today Is Monday by Eric Carle

Our Favorite Day by Joowon Oh

Cookie’s Week by Cindy Ward

The Big Five by Bella Makatini

Letter of the Week: I

As usual, I have two free worksheets (included in the download) to help your preschooler get familiar with the letter I.

Days of the Week Preschool Unit Plan

Bible Verse: Psalm 136: 1-3

This will be our second week of memorizing Psalm 136: 1-3. The printable is included is this week’s lesson plan download 🙂

Download the Days of the Week Lesson Plan

There You Have It!

I hope you and your preschooler love the Days of the Week activities and books this week!

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