Mom Hack for Snow

Awesome Mom Hack For Snow Play Outside With Littles

Does it snow a lot where you live? Here in Michigan, we usually get quite a bit of snow.

It had been “snowing” as in slushing and melting since November, but it finally truly snowed on Christmas Eve and we enjoyed a white Christmas!

Last winter, the boys were still a bit too young to really enjoy playing in the snow, but this year they have been playing outside every single day.

We have been reading loads of winter books and learning about snow, so E had been really excited to make snowmen and a snow fort.

Awesome Mom Hack For Snow Play Outside With Littles

I didn’t grow up with much snow so I didn’t realize actually how difficult it is to build something with snow. I was legit sweating by the time I had anything to show for my effort!

And this is how I came up with this awesome mom hack for snow.

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Mom Hack for Snow: Beach Toys!

Awesome Mom Hack For Snow Play Outside With Littles

Honestly, I am not sure if everyone else knows this and I’m just late to the game. But I’ve found that beach toys are not only for sand. I’m here to tell you that it works really well for snow as well!

Use a beach shovel and pack snow in the buckets for and then flip them over and you voila! You have a perfect brick of snow for your snow fort!

Here’s how our “snow fort” (a little pitiful, I’ll admit) turned out!

Awesome Mom Hack For Snow Play Outside With Littles

Tip: Make Sure the Beach Toys are Good Quality

Whereas I am normally budget-conscious and recommend shopping at the Dollar store, this is one of the few times, I would definitely recommend spending a bit more on quality beach toys.

Speaking from experience, we got a set of beach toys from the Dollar Tree two years ago and they were good for one summer. By the end, most of them had broken.

So last year, my husband found an awesome set of beach toys on sale at our local grocery store. And we used them all summer, and they are holding on strong! I can see us using this set for a few years at least.

I’m not sure what the exact brand our beach toys are from, but here is a set of beach toys I found on Amazon with lots of great reviews!

Snow Fort Builder

If you aren’t satisfied with my mom hack for snow, you can honestly go a more “professional” route if you want to.

I did not know these existed, but there is equipment specifically made to build snow forts!

I’ll link a couple of interesting ones I’ve found with great reviews!

Sno-Brick Maker

Create A Castle

Mom Hack For Snow

I hope you try out this mom hack for snow and that it helps make playing outside with your littles a bit less tiring 🙂

If you haven’t already checked it out, I have a whole post dedicated to snow activities and crafts for toddlers and preschoolers!

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