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Fruits and Veggies Activities for Preschoolers: Week 24

As parents, all of us want our children to have a well-balanced diet with fruits and veggies in the mix! It can definitely be a struggle, but I think doing these fruits and veggies activities with our preschoolers may be a great way to make eating healthy a bit more fun 🙂

This week, we will be learning about various fruits and veggies and talking about how eating a healthy diet is important for keeping our bodies strong.

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Fruits and Veggies Activities for Preschoolers

Day 1: Sort Fruits and Veggies

For our first day, we will be sorting fruits and veggies.

The technical difference between a fruit and vegetable is that a fruit contains seeds and vegetables do not. However, a lot of times, fruits and vegetables are categorized by how it is eaten and cooked.

I will be explaining these differences to my son. And we will read Fruit Bowl and The Vegetables We Eat to help solidify these concepts as well.

We will look through some old magazines or coupons that we get in the mail, cut out fruits and veggies we find, and glue them onto a simple sorting graph.

This graph will be included in this week’s lesson plan downloads (at the bottom of this post).

Fruits and Veggies Activities for Preschoolers

Day 2: Make Fruits and Veggies With Playdough

For Day 2, we will be making our own fruits using playdough! If you have store bought playdough, feel free to use that.

All of our playdough dried out recently, so I will be making some homemade playdough using this simple recipe.

Day 3: Carrot Scavenger Hunt Number Practice

Today we will be incorporating number practice into our veggie activity.

I will print out these numbered carrots and hide them around the room. My boys will collect the carrots and then number them from 1 to 20. A tracing sheet is also included in the weekly downloads (at the bottom of this post)!

Day 4: Paint Vegetables Using Vegetables!

You are welcome to get your preschoolers to paint or color using crayons, markers, dot markers, etc.

Since we usually have some carrots leftover that we forget about and then goes to waste, I thought we would us a couple carrots to paint vegetables. I think it will be a fun sensory twist to our usual coloring activities.

I will be printing out the carrot template and put out some green and orange paint and let my boys paint the carrots! The template below will be in this week’s lesson plan download (at the bottom of this post)!

Fruits and Veggies Activities for Preschoolers

But this can be done with any vegetable you have leftover. You can draw an outline of any fruits or vegetables and paint using any extra vegetables you may have in your fridge.

After our paint dries, we will stick on some googly eyes to give our carrots some character 🙂

Day 5: Make Vegetable Soup!

My 4 year-old is not a super picky eater, but he does still struggle with eating his vegetables. There are those rare days that he enjoys his broccoli and spinach, but getting him to eat vegetables on a regular basis is not always easy.

So today, we will be making vegetable soup together! My hope is that by having him help me prep and cook the soup will get him more interested in eating it.

We will read through Growing Vegetable Soup and we plan on following the recipe on the back of the book.

Books on Fruits and Veggies

We love reading themed books for our unit. These are the books we will be reading this week.

Side note: The library is an amazing resource! We borrow most of our books from our local library!

Oliver’s Vegetables by Vivian French

Fruit Bowl by Mark Hoffman

The Vegetables We Eat by Gail Gibbons

Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food

Eating the Alphabet by Lois Elhert

Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Elhert

Monsters Don’t Eat Broccolli by Barbara Jean Hicks

Letter of the Week: Letter U

This week we will be learning the letter U! We are steadily getting towards the end of the alphabet!

As usual, we will be doing these activity sheets this week.

Bible Memory Verse

I mentioned in last week’s lesson plan post, that we will be reviewing all our Bible verses that we learned this year.

We will be reviewing Psalm 139:14 this week!

Download Fruits and Veggies Unit Preschool Lesson Plan

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There You Have It!

I hope you get to try out some of these fruits and veggies activities with your preschooler this week!

I think my boys will really enjoy this week’s activities, and I’m excited to make vegetable soup with them. And hopefully get a few bites of vegetables in them this week as well 🙂

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Fruits and Veggies Activities for Preschoolers

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