Preschool Binder Cover Free Printable

FREE Preschool Binder Covers! Editable Name and Year 2021-2022

For homeschool preschool this year, I plan on collecting my son’s artwork and worksheets, and compiling it into a preschool binder.

When I was teaching, I did this for the parents of my first graders and they loved it!

I know some people are all about decluttering and only keeping digital files of their children’s work. But I am a little (ok–A LOT) sentimental when it comes to my kids’ things!

What is a binder without a cute cover?! To me, that’s what makes a binder complete 🙂

Homeschool Preschool Binder Cover FREE printable!

I created homeschool preschool binder covers that are available for instant download in a PDF file. And the best part is…it’s FREE! The child’s name and the year is also editable in Adobe Reader, and there are 5 different border options to choose from.

This is what it looks like in the binder. I got the binder from Target, but here’s a similar one from Amazon.

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Homeschool Preschool Binder Cover

Download FREE Preschool Binder Cover

Just fill out the form below and the preschool binder cover will be sent directly to your email!

You can see all our planned themed weekly plans for this year’s homeschool preschool in this post (includes a free PDF download)! And make sure to read through my Educational Philosophy to get to know a little background and get an idea of what my homeschool preschool plans will entail!

I also have a free weekly lesson planner template available for those of you who are also homeschooling or teaching this year!

I hope you will join me on our homeschool preschool journey! You can see all of the lesson plans from this school year here.

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Preschool Binder Cover Free Printable
Preschool Binder Covers Free Printable!

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