New Years Activities for Preschool

New Years Homeschool Preschool Lesson Plan: Week 17

Happy New Year, Friends! I am heading into this New Year with lots of hopes and dreams, and I’m excited for all the things that 2022 holds!

I wanted to start this year with a New Years Lesson Plan for Preschool at Home.

Recently, I realized that there is so much hype around Christmas, I don’t think I properly explained New Years to my boys.

Even though we have already started the new year, I hope that this unit will help bring a little more understanding to what New Years is to my preschooler, and I hope it will to yours as well!

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Preschool Activities For New Years

Day 1: Yut Nori

Yut Nori is a fun traditional Korean New Years Game that I grew up playing. I love being able to pass on cultural traditions to our boys and Yut Nori is one of them. I have a full post on this activity, and a free printable game board is included!

Yut Nori is a fun game that the whole family can enjoy together. I highly recommend you checking it out!

New Years Lesson Plan for Homeschool Preschool

Day 2: 2021 Time Capsule

I’ve seen lots of people making time capsules for 2020. 2020 and 2021 have been really unique years (unique is a good way to put it, right?) I think it would be really interesting to make a time capsule and open it up years from now.

We plan on upcycling a cookie tin and after filling it up with things, we will decorate it and seal it, and put it away in one of our memory boxes.

Day 3: 2021 Sun Catcher

We made these sun catchers last year, but you can easily change up the numbers and it’s such a simple way to practice numbers for littles! For instructions of sun catchers, check out this post here.

New Years Lesson Plan for Homeschool Preschool

Day 4: Alphabet Practice BINGO!

This week we are learning the letter N! We will start by listening to the Letter N Song by Have Fun Learning. And then doing our weekly dot marker worksheet as well as our letter writing practice worksheet which will be included in this week’s lesson plan download.

Since we’ve had a couple weeks off, I thought we could practice the letters that we’ve learned so far and play BINGO!

This free printable Alphabet BINGO A-N will be included in this week’s lesson plan unit download!

New Years Lesson Plan for Preschool

The full version of the Alphabet BINGO with all the letters A-Z is available on my Printable Shop.

Day 5: Salt Painting!

Salt painting is a fun and easy craft to do with preschoolers. It does get a little messy, so I would recommend doing this activity in a large plastic bin.

New Years Lesson Plan for Homeschool Preschool

Materials Needed:

Step 1

Using the white glue, draw fireworks on a sheet of construction paper or cardstock.

Step 2

Sprinkle salt on the glue, then shake off the excess. Let completely dry (approx. 1 hour)

Step 3

Paint the salt using watercolor paint, and watch as the paint spreads through the salt!

New Years Books for Preschoolers

New Clothes for New Years Day

The Night Before New Year’s

Happy New Year, Spot!

Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution

Shante Keys and the New Year’s Peas

Happy, Happy Chinese New Year!

Letter Of The Week: N

This week we will be learning the letter N! As usual, the printable for the dot marker worksheet and the writing practice worksheet will be included in the lesson plan download!

Weekly Bible Memory Verse

This week we will be memorizing Psalm 119:105.

For some reason, the last couple Bible verses have become a little harder for us to incorporate into our routine. I’m not sure if it was because of the holidays, but I hope that we can do a better job at practicing and memorizing our Bible verse this week!

New Years Lesson Plan for Preschool

Download New Years Lesson Plan for Preschool

I hope this lesson plan will give you some activity ideas to get your preschooler more familiar with New Years!

Make sure to fill out the form below to download the lesson plan including all the free printables!

Teach Your Kids Korean

If you’re interested in teaching your kids Korean, I have free Korean alphabet dot marker worksheets available. Check them out here!

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