Last Day of School Sign 2020-2021

Editable Last Day of School Sign Free Printable 2020-2021

We are quickly approaching the last day of school for the 2020-2021 school year!

If you’re like me, I love commemorating every milestone and event with photos. That’s why I created these Last Day of School signs and I wanted to give them to you for free!

How Was Your School Year?

This past school year was unexpected, to say the least! If you’ve read through my Homeschool Weekly Themed Plan post for this year, you’ll know that we had already signed my son up for preschool right before this pandemic began.

With everything that happened, we didn’t want this year his first school experience, so even though we lost of deposit fee for his preschool registration, we made the decision to homeschool this past year.

I jumped onto the homeschool train without ever having planned on being a homeschooling mom. Even as a former educator with full-time teaching experience, it was difficult for be thrown into this unexpected homeschooling situation with a 3 year-old and 1 year-old, and no childcare support. Kudos to all of you who had to deal with all the virtual learning!

Though overall, our experience ended up being pretty great, there were those really hard days too.

We have already signed him up again for preschool at an actual school for the fall. Crossing my fingers that the pandemic will be over or at least under control by that point!

I’m sure all of you have also gone through similar unexpected changes this past year.

However major or minor those things were, and how difficult or easy those experiences may have been, I want to congratulate you all for being super moms, and for making it to the end of this extremely weird school year!

FREE Last Day of School Signs

To celebrate, I have created editable Last Day of School signs for you all!

Similar to the First Day of School Signs last fall, there are several versions of the printable including a colored option, black & white, and a chalkboard sign as well.

Download Free Printable

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Printable Sign For Moms

These signs aren’t just for your kids! I’ve created some signs for you, moms!

We took this photo at the beginning of this school year, and I love how it turned out! I’m looking forward to taking one with my son on our last day of school in June.

Last Day of School Sign 2020-2021

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Editable Last Day of School Signs for All Grades

If you want editable Last Day of School signs, I’ve also created signs for every grade! They are available 5 different versions: black & white, color, or chalkboard, distance learning, and homeschool.

So whatever your kids’ school situation was this past year, I hope you are able to find a sign that it suitable for your family!

As I mentioned, they are editable, so you can download it once and edit the year every year. And since all of the grades are included, you can use them for each of your kids.

You can purchase these for a very reasonable price on my Printables Shop. (My printables shop also has other FREE printable worksheets and activities for preschoolers!) Or if you prefer to use Etsy, it’s available on my Blessed Bec Design Etsy shop here as well.

I Hope You Love It!

I’m a firm believer in celebrating the small things, so I hope that you’ll download these and take photos to commemorate this milestone of you and your child successfully completing this school year.

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Editable Last Day of School Sign Free Printable 2020-2021

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