FREE Printable Paper Easter Egg Template

FREE Printable Paper Easter Egg Template and Easy Decoration Ideas

Easter is less than a month away! As much as I love decorating real eggs, and I think it’s a great activity for kids, it can get pretty messy and it’s not exactly the easiest activity for toddlers and preschoolers to do. (Though, my preschooler helped out when we made beautiful tie-dye Easter eggs.)

I created this printable Easter egg template for my boys to decorate, and my 4 year old absolutely loved it! The best part is that it is FREE! Scroll down to download!

Free Printable Paper Easter Egg Download

There are 3 different sizes of eggs included in this download. Full-size that fits one whole printing paper, half-size that have 2 eggs on one printing paper, and quarter size that have 4 eggs on one printing paper.

I think the bigger ones are great for younger toddlers. My 4 year-old preferred the half-sized and quarter-sized eggs.

FREE Printable Paper Easter Egg Template

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How to Decorate Paper Easter Eggs

I printed these Easter eggs on colorful cardstock. The pastel colors make it feel really Easter-themed. But printing on white cardstock would also work great.

The thing I love most about this free printable paper Easter egg template is that there are so many toddler-friendly and preschooler-friendly ways to decorate them!

Read on to see the different ways my boys and I decorated our paper Easter eggs!


If you’ve seen some of my other posts, you know how much we love dot stickers! They are super versatile and can be used for many different activities!

I love the colors of these dot stickers and my 4 year-old has no problem with these, but these ones are easier for my 2 year-old to peel.

Even with stickers, there are several options for how you can get your kiddos to decorate them.

You could just them decorate freestyle, or the other option would be to various lines and the kids can “trace” the lines with stickers.

In this picture you can see my boys went freestyle and yes, those are indeed Christmas stickers that they insisted on using in March. *facepalm (On a complete side-note, my boys are still singing jingle bells everyday, so Christmas stickers aren’t totally off-theme!)

FREE Printable Paper Easter Egg Template

Dot Markers

I think dot markers are really great for younger kiddos because it doesn’t require too much control.

We use them for alphabet practice as well. I think it’s a great introduction to letters and precursor to actual tracing or writing. You can find the worksheet for letter A here.

Similar to the stickers, I think you can either let your kids go freestyle or you can also demonstrate a pattern for them to follow. Or you could draw different kinds of lines on the egg for them to “trace” with the dot markers.

FREE Printable Paper Easter Egg Template

Finger Painting

Finger painting is an awesome way to make this into a sensory activity. We hadn’t done finger painting in a while, and my 4 year-old really enjoyed it!

I love how it turned out!

Q-Tip Painting

Another way to make decorating paper Easter eggs a bit more interesting is to paint using Q-tips!

To make it so that it’s not all the same single Q-tip, I bundled some Q-tips up using rubber bands to create different sizes.

For paint, we ran out of our Crayola paint that we normally use for arts and crafts. So today, we used these Korean watercolor paints that I had from years ago. And it worked out really well!

FREE Printable Paper Easter Egg Template

Regular Markers and Crayons

And then of course, you can just use your tried and true crayons and markers of your choosing. We usually use Crayola, and also have been loving the crayons and markers from Creatology from Michaels as well.

I love how these turned out as well!

That’s It!

I hope this paper Easter Egg template helped create some fun activities for your littles!

We also made beautiful Easter egg sun catchers using this same template. Read this post to learn step-by-step instructions on how to make them!

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FREE Printable Paper Easter Egg Template
FREE Printable Paper Easter Egg Template

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