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First Day of School Sign Free Printable 2023-2024

Is it just me, or is this year just flying by?

I’m already getting sad that summer will be over in a few weeks and my kids will be heading back to school. This summer has been so much fun. We went camping for the first time as a family, went cherry picking, and had many beach days. I’m a little sunburned, but I’ll take that as a sign of a successful summer 🙂

It’s bittersweet, but I am also ready to have some time to work without little kiddos running around the house all day.

Easy Way to Document the First Day of School

I don’t know about you, I have always loved documenting things in my life through photos. And ever since having children, I’ve become even more like this.

My older son is going to be in 1st grade this fall! I can hardly believe it. Kids grow up too quickly!

I’ll definitely be documenting his first day of 1st grade using these first day of school signs. They are so easy to edit and it’s a fun way to commemorate the beginning of each school year.

I love looking at the first day of school photos I’ve taken of my boys the past few years. It’s incredible to see how much they grow in just one year!

As cheesy as some people may think it is, I plan on taking these every year until he graduates from high school 🙂

First Day of School Sign

To celebrate the beginning of the school year, I have updated these First Day of School signs from last year. In previous years, I’ve offered them as editable PDF’s that you can edit on Adobe Reader. This year, I’ve switched over to Canva and made them into templates.

Canva offers free accounts, so you can create a free account, and print them out. It’s super easy! You will receive step-by-step instructions once you download the file.

Personally, I think it looks way better in photos if you frame it 🙂

Here are my 2 boys on their first day of school last year.

All Grades Included

27 pages are included starting from Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten going all the way to 12th grade. I’ve also included numeric grades as well as grades in word form. (Example: 1st Grade & First Grade) So you can pick and choose the look you want.

Below is a photo of my son and I at the beginning of the school year back in 2020! (We decided to homeschool during that year. If you’re interested in what we did for homeschool preschool, check out my lesson plans here.)

First Day of School Sign Free Printable 2021-2022

Different Options Available

There are 4 different options available for purchase including a NEW! Black & White Personalized Name, a NEW! Colored Personalized Editable, homeschool version (2022), and a chalkboard version (2022). You can access them all on Printables Shop!

Download First Day of School Sign Free Printable

And of course I have a free printable version of these available as well! These are not editable, but there are 2 different First Day of School signs for kids 🙂 Available in black & white and color.

These will just say My First Day of School rather than the specific grade.

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