Valentine's Day Unit for Preschool at Home

Valentine’s Day Unit for Preschool at Home: Week 22

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. Here’s a whole Valentine’s Day unit for preschool at home that I did with my 3 year-old.

In addition to the activities below, I have compiled 27 Adorable Valentine’s Day Crafts and Activities for Kids so make sure to check that out for more ideas!

Valentine’s Day Unit for Preschool at Home

Day 1: Make and Send Valentine’s Day cards for Family and Friends!

Since we have just about a week until Valentine’s Day, I think today would be a great day to make and send out valentines to our friends and family.

We will start by making a list of all the people we want to send cards to. And then we will get to work!

Since we will be making several cards, I think it’ll be easiest to print out a traceable card for my son to trace. There are 6 different versions of the card available (for friends, grandparents, aunts, etc.), and it is included in this week’s lesson plan download at the bottom of this post!

Valentine's Day Unit for Preschool at Home

Day 2: Valentine’s Day Number Practice Fine Motor Sensory Bin

We will be practicing numbers with this Valentine’s Day inspired sensory bin. It’s a great way to practice numbers and fine motor skills, all while having fun!

Materials Needed:

  • dyed rice (Valentine’s colors: red, pink, white)
  • dice (we love these! It’s perfect for preschoolers)
  • plastic tweezers, kid’s chopsticks, or tongs
  • heart-shaped candy

How to Play:

Roll the dice and count the number on the dice. Then take out the corresponding number of candy from the sensory bin.

You can use one dice to start out, and then add in another one to count up to 12.

Valentine's Day Unit for Preschool

Day 3: 2 Valentine’s Day Activities

Since these activities won’t take too long, I decided to plan on doing 2 activities for Day 3.

Part 1: Calming Valentine’s Sensory Bottles

We made rainbow sensory bottles earlier in this school year, but I wanted to make some Valentine’s inspired sensory bottles as well.

Other than these sensory bottles being pretty and cool to look at, I’ve heard of a lot of people using them to help kids calm down or to help with regulating emotions.

Head over to my post with step-by-step instructions on how to make glitter sensory bottles!

Part 2: Candy Heart Pattern by Pocket of Preschool

There’s a free printable on Pocket of Preschool’s blog that we will be using for this activity. I know my son’s going to love this activity since he gets to play with candy, and I’m pretty sure one or two of them will end up in his mouth 🙂

Day 4: Coffee Filter Valentine Heart Sun Catcher from Creative Family Fun

I love sun catchers, so we’ve done several sun catchers for homeschool preschool already. This one different from the ones we’ve done, and I’m excited to try it out!

Day 5: Valentine’s Heart Letter Matching Alphabet Practice Sensory Bin

I created this Valentine’s Day alphabet matching sensory bin activity, to help my son practice his lower-case and capital letter recognition. The printable is free to download, so head over here to get it!

Valentine's Day Unit for Preschool

Books About Valentine’s Day for Preschoolers

The books below will be the books we will be reading this week. However, I have a separate post with all of our favorite Valentine’s Day books for preschoolers. Check out that post for more Valentine’s Day books for preschoolers!

Valentine's Day Unit for Preschool

Little Blue Truck’s Valentine

The latest book in the Little Blue Truck series! I’m getting this one for my boys for Valentine’s Day 🙂

Delivering Your Mail A Book About Mail Carriers

Many of us send valentine’s to our friends in the mail. We loved reading about the wonderful job mail carriers do.

Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Valentine’s Day

This one is a great one to learn about Valentine’s Day, and how people celebrate this special day.

Peppa’s Valentine’s Day

Peppa celebrates Valentine’s Day with her friends.

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch!

I love this heartwarming story about how a single Valentine can change someone’s life.

Letter of the Week: S

This week we will be learning the letter S! For this week’s dot worksheet, I thought it would be fun to use candy hearts instead of dot markers or stickers. I think this would be a fun way to switch things up, especially since this week’s unit if Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Unit for Preschool

Bible Memory Verse

We will continue to learn Psalm 28:7 this week!

Valentine's Day Unit for Preschool

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