Fall Lesson Plan for Preschool at Home

Fall Lesson Plan for Preschool at Home: Week 5

Fall Season Homeschool Preschool Unit Lesson Plan

Now that it’s officially fall, we gotta have a unit on the season! This week I have a Fall lesson plan for preschool at home prepared for you all!

I used to think that spring was my favorite season. Don’t get me wrong; I do really love spring. But there’s something about fall–the crisp cool air, and also the anticipation of the holiday season, that really makes it a special time.

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Fall Lesson Plan for Preschool

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it! Input your info to download the lesson plan. This week we are using some worksheet printables from other sources, so keep scrolling so you can get the links for those!


Day 1: Fall Photo Walk, Painting With Fall Collection

Fall Season Homeschool Preschool Unit Lesson Plan

Fall Photo Walk!

Go on a fall photo walk! The leaves are just starting to change color here, so it’s starting to really look like fall around here.

Take a camera or your smart phone along with you and let your child take photos of whatever catches their eye.

We got this kid’s camera for my 3.5 year-old last year, and he loves it. There are some games on it, but it also does take real photos. Honestly, not the best quality photos, but it does take pictures! We’ll be taking this one on our walk.

Painting With Nature

On the walk, collect some leaves, acorns, twigs, etc. We will be painting with these! I saw this activity on Instagram @craftingwiththeclarks and I think it’ll be a lot of fun!

Fall Season Homeschool Preschool Unit Lesson Plan
Fall Season Homeschool Preschool Unit Lesson Plan

Day 2

Fall Math Worksheets

I found this set of free worksheets from Alleah Maree on Teachers Pay Teachers. We will be doing the last two activities that are in the bundle: Fall Fox Number Order and Roll, Add, and Cover.

I think these two activities will be a great way to review Counting Numbers 1-10 Unit that we did a couple weeks ago.

Today, we will be doing the Fox Number Order.

Letter B!

I think songs are such a great way to learn and remember things!

I used to play this song for my first graders back when I was teaching full-time. Brings back lots of memories 🙂

I will play this song, and maybe have a little dance party with my boys haha

Day 3: Fall Wreath

I saw this activity on The Mad House and wanted to try it out! It’s a paper plate wreath with faux fall leaves.

I haven’t decided if I want to use real leaves or faux leaves. But either way, I think it’ll turn out really pretty!

Fall Season Homeschool Preschool Unit Lesson Plan

Day 4

Acorn Dice Activity

This is the second activity we’ll be doing from Alleah Maree on Teachers Pay Teachers. It’s the Acorn Dice Activity “Roll, Add, and Cover”.

We will be using these dice for our Counting 1-10 unit. I think it’s really great for younger kids!

Letter B Worksheet

This is the same worksheet that we did last week, except it’s for the letter B! You can use dot markers or glue pom poms or even just color it with crayon if that works better for your child.

Fall Season Homeschool Preschool Unit Lesson Plan

Day 5: Fall Tree Painting

I found this Q-Tip Fall Tree Painting on Mess for Less and thought it was really fun! All you need it some brown construction paper for the tree trunk and branches, and then some paint for the fall leaves. You could use Q-tips, but I thought finger painting the leaves could also be fun.


I have a dedicated post on some of our favorite fall books, so head on over to that post!

Bible Verse

This week’s Bible verse is Joshua 1:9. It’s one of my favorite Bible verses! In fact, it was the verse we used for our 3 year-old’s dedication.

The printable is included in the lesson plan download. It’s been really helpful having it taped up next to my son’s bed so we can say it at bedtime every evening.

Fall Season Homeschool Preschool Unit Lesson Plan

Fall Lesson Plan Download

Fill out the form below and this entire lesson plan will be sent directly to your email. I hope this fall lesson plan is helpful for you all this week!

Words of Encouragement

I just wanted to say to whoever needs to hear this today…

You are doing a great job, Mama! Homeschooling may not always be super easy, but the effort and love you are pouring into your children right now is making a huge impact on their lives! Keep up the great work!

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Fall Season Homeschool Preschool Unit Lesson Plan

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8 thoughts on “Fall Lesson Plan for Preschool at Home: Week 5”

  1. I love all the different types of activities you include in these lessons! It’s so important to expose our little ones to their different senses, and different forms of learning. I know my little would especially love painting with what we find on our nature walk.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Becky!
      We had so much fun with that activity! I hope you and your kiddo enjoyed it too!

    1. Thanks, Kemi 🙂
      Most of these activities are very toddler-friendly! I’m also doing some of the sensory activities with my 1.5 yo as well!

  2. Great ideas! I love the Bb video and plan on using these with my kindergartener. Being a phonics nerd I was very happy that the /b/ sound in the video was pronounced correctly as so many add a vowel sound on the end. And I love that you have included a bible verse each week!

    1. Thank you!
      I love those songs as well–super catchy and definitely helps little kids learn their letters!

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