Christmas Gift Guide for Kids 0-5

2022 Christmas Gift Guide for Kids 0 – 5 Years Old

Can you believe that Christmas is next month? This year has flown by, and I’m struggling to wrap my head around it!

Tip: Order Early!

I’m sure you’ve heard this already, but with shortages in the supply chain, and the aftermath of everything that happened last year, it’s best to order Christmas presents early!

I’ve already ordered some presents for my boys (although I still have some more shopping to do), and I thought I’d share this gift guide for ages 0-5 of things that my boys have loved over the years. I hope this guide is helpful as you think about what to gift your children this Christmas.

Amazon Prime

A lot of the products I mentioned are available on Amazon! I love that I get free shipping on most things and they usually have very fast and reliable delivery.

If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up for a 30-day Free Trial before you decide to purchase the annual membership.

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Christmas Gift Guide for 0-5 Years Old

I’ve divided up the gift guide into age groups to make it a little easier to view. Feel free to skip to the age group you’re looking to get ideas for!

Also, I have tried to make this list as unisex as possible, but please keep in mind that I am a boy mom, so this gift guide may cater a bit more for boys.

I hope this gift guide is helpful!


First of all, I wanted to mention that books are an amazing gift for any child! I have my whole list of our favorite Christmas books in a separate post here. I think you’ll want to check those out 🙂


Before I mention other individual gift ideas, I thought I would share about this company that I think is amazing!

Lovevery has a subscription service for babies and toddlers 0-36 months. Once you sign up, they send you a box of products every 3 months that are designed to help babies and toddlers reach age-appropriate developmental milestones. Many of the “toys” are Montessori-inspired. Each box is very well thought-out and they have quality products.

I love that you don’t have to be constantly buying toys, and wondering if they are good for your child’s development. It’s definitely worth checking out!


I know I’m a little late to the hype, but my husband and I finally bit the bullet and decided to get the Nugget as an early Christmas present. My in-laws and parents chipped in as well, cause this is more on the pricey side.

And you guys, we have been loving it! I get the hype now 🙂

The foam is the perfect firmness, and our boys have been making slides and jumping on it. And it’s also a great reading couch, which we had been hunting for a while now.

They are in high demand, so if you’re going to order it for Christmas, you have to order well in advance.

0 – 6 Months Old

Tummy time is very important for babies this age, so I thought that I would include some things that can help make tummy time a bit more enjoyable!


I already mentioned the LOVEVERY subscription play kits. But I thought I would also share their amazing playgym with awesome reviews.

Their playgym is made with really quality materials, and it comes with many interactive things such as a black and white contrast ball, teething rings, and some other products that are designed to help with your baby’s development.

It is definitely on the pricier side, but it is something to look into if you’re looking to splurge on a baby’s gift.


Sophie the Giraffe

Musical Toy

Musical Book

Play Gym

Infantino Play Gym

Water Mat

7 – 12 Months Old

At this age, little ones are most likely starting to sit independently and then gradually learning to pull themselves up to standing. And then some even start walking before they turn 1! These toys are perfect for this age group 🙂

Musical Toy


Activity Table

Pop Up Toy

1 – 2 Years Old

My 20 month-old is quite obsessed with a bunch of these toys below.

Stacking Toys

I have a whole list of stacking toys that I recommend in this post here.

Sports Station


I know some people aren’t the biggest fans of digital toys, but both my boys have actually learned quite a few numbers and letters from the Leap Frog Phone and the Leap Top as well.

Leap Top


Both my boys occasionally “help me vacuum” when I’m vacuuming the apartment. I think it’s the cutest thing!



2 – 3 Years Old

Wooden Balance Board

This is a gift we’re getting for our boys this year! It’s great for kids to practice their balance on, and apparently adults can even use this for yoga and stretches as well.

Tool Set


VTech Camera

This takes real photos! And there are some games on it as well.

Waterproof Camera


Both my boys have really gotten into Duplo recently. My 1.5 year old is obsessed with stacking, and my 3.5 year old has gotten really creative with his building. Thinking about getting this construction set, because my boys have also been super into construction vehicles as well.

Fire Station Duplo

Frozen Duplo

Cooking Set

Train Track Set

Track Set

Super Wings

3 – 5 Years Old

Some of the things on this list are things that I’m hoping to get for my 3.5 year old! He has been really into Duplo recently, and has been asking for some Legos. So, we are hoping to find a good deal on a Lego set!

Balance Bike

My son loves this bike! He’s been practicing this past summer, and he’s really gotten the hang of it!

It’s very sturdy, but light weight enough for my 3.5 to handle it with ease. There is also a lightweight version of it as well.


This is really great especially for smaller spaces indoors!


Love that this set comes with 4 puzzles. There is a shape code on the back of the pieces so you know which pieces belong together.

Hot Wheel Tracks

Play Doh Set

Play Doh Pizza

Busy Box Craft Box

This is a great gift for art loving kiddos! There are so many activities in this box!

ABC Busy Box

Marble Run

Kinetic Sand

Magnetic Tiles

Picasso Magnet Tiles

We got this set last year, and it’s so much fun! Seriously, one of the most genius toys!

Doctor’s Play Set


Fire Station Lego

Indoor Soccer Goal Set

Bean Bag Chair


My boys have been starting to get into building forts, so we’re thinking of getting this as a gift that they can share.

There You Have It!

I hope this Christmas gift guide was helpful for you! If you have any other ideas for Christmas presents for this age group, please let me know in the comments!

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Christmas Gift Guide for Kids 0-5 Years Old

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