Letter Recognition Alphabet Sorting Activity

Letter Recognition Alphabet Sticker Sorting: Low-Prep Preschool Activity

Letter Recognition Alphabet Sticker Sorting: Low-Prep Preschool Activity

This simple Alphabet Sorting Activity is really easy to put together and works on important developmental skills that we want our preschoolers to have!

My 3-year-old learned to recognize all the capital letters of the alphabet quite early on, but he is still working on learning the lower-case letters.

In order to give him some more practice with lower-case letters, I put together this super simple low-prep activity to practice letter recognition through alphabet sorting.

It took less than 5 minutes to set it up and it kept my son engaged. These alphabet sorting stickers also worked on his fine motor skills, plus it helped him practice matching capital and lower-case letters.

I will definitely be doing this activity again, and I hope you give it a try!

Materials Needed:

Step 1

Cut a large sheet of kraft paper and hang it up on the wall using painter’s tape.

Step 2

Using Kwik Stix, write whatever letters you want to work on with your child. I would suggest just doing 4 letters at a time, but I think you could do maybe 6 or even 8 letters depending on your child.

I love using Kwik Stix because they are bold and opaque, dry super quickly, and doesn’t rub off!

Step 3

Using a pen or thin marker, write the letters on the stickers.

In this picture, I did a sheet of only lower-case letters, but I did other sheets with capital letters as well. I mixed it up so my son could practice both capital and lower-case letters.

Step 4

Demonstrate the activity to your child, and let them stick away!

And that’s it!

My son loves stickers, so this was a really fun way for him to practice letter recognition, and also work on fine motor skills since he would take off the stickers by himself.

I totally plan on doing this alphabet sticker sorting activity with other letters of the alphabet. And you can also use this activity for numbers and colors too!

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5 thoughts on “Letter Recognition Alphabet Sticker Sorting: Low-Prep Preschool Activity”

  1. I love this idea. This summer I’ve assigned my older kids (11, 10 and 8) certain things to teach my 4 year old. Right now they are each assigned a letter to teach her (A, B and C.). This would be a great reinforcement activity.

    1. Such a great idea to include your older kids in teaching your 4 year old! I hope this activity is helpful~

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